New Membership Program

Press Release from the Oxford Humanist Educational Association January 1, 2017— New Membership Program:

If you live in the Granville County, NC area and would like to attend our meetings, sign up as a member on our local website. There, you will be able to view the meeting schedule and receive emails from organizers.

The Oxford Humanist Educational Association (OHEA) is developing a program designed to increase its membership in Granville and Vance Counties, NC.

People joining Humanist organizations are likely to be dissatisfied church members, religious skeptics, unaffiliated with religious groups (the Nones), and supporters of secular government and human and civil rights for everyone.

Humanists are not actively anti-religious, and they understand that science cannot solve all human difficulties. Humanists support scientific methods of inquiry while rejecting sectarian doctrines. We believe it is immoral to make decisions, guide your life and base your actions on “communications” with gods or “revealed knowledge” from the Bronze Age. Our group focuses on treating people with respect and understanding based on the concept that such behavior is based in ethics and not on religious imperatives. You may certainly join us at meetings to learn more; we welcome all persons. 

Various data suggests to us that people may become potential Humanists because they no longer believe the teachings of their faith, have drifted away from their faith, no longer feel that their needs are being met, or are unhappy with their faith’s position on social issues like homosexuality, abortion, or birth control.

 People often find Humanism’s non-theological and non-threatening practical approaches to solving life’s problems refreshing and attractive. 

Dan Winslow, President

Dr. Frank McKay, Vice President