March 16th Meeting and 2014 Meeting Schedule


Sunday, March 16th, 12:30 pm;  First Potluck Lunch of the Year!

Oxford Humanist Educational Association members are hosting potluck lunches every third Sunday of the month, March through December 2014 at 12:30 PM. First meeting on March 16th. See full year schedule below—place on your calendar!!

Potluck4Humanist gossip, current news, book and article reviews, pool parties, wandering about Dan and Evelyn’s Lake property or their Granville County conservation property are all possibilities. 

Bring your friends. If you plan to bring children let us know so that age appropriate supervision and activities can be provided for them. Potluck dates and time of day are unlikely to change, but meeting places will vary; you will be notified of location by email. 

Food item duplication can be minimized by contacting Dan and Evelyn who will keep a list of who is bringing what. Please contact them at 252-438-8501 which is their lake property number.

Potluck Dates 

Sunday, March 16th Our First potluck lunch will be Sunday, March 16th -12:30 PM. Directions have been sent to Members by email.

 Yearly Dates below:

  • Sunday, March 16th
  • Sunday, April 20th
  • Sunday, May 18th
  • Sunday, June 15thPotluck2
  • Sunday, July 20th
  • Sunday, August 17th
  • Sunday, September 21st
  • Sunday, October 19th
  • Sunday, November 16th
  • Sunday, December 21st