About Us

Our goals are to help you think about how Humanism can assist you in a very meaningful life by having a free and unshackled mind in this incredible and awesome universe in which we live. Our location is Granville County, North Carolina, U.S.A.

If you live in the Granville County, NC area and would like to come to our meetings, sign up as a member on our local website. You will be able to view the meeting schedule and receive emails from organizers.

Critical Thinking

You will see at the top of this page in our tagline that we promote “Critical Thinking.” Critical Thinking simply means that: (1) you cannot have your own facts; (2) you must be aware when your own mind is deceiving itself and (3) you must avoid common errors of logic and thought. You must prioritize goals and values. 

gear head colored2For thousands of years common errors of logic and thought have been discussed by the famous philosophers and the list of such errors has grown through time. Catalogs of errors of thought can easily be viewed and a good starting list can be found here. Two other useful locations are: Logical Fallacy and List of Fallacies

Errors of logic are used often and purposely in propaganda, politics and other processes involving “selling” you something. OHEA is creating our own list of common errors of thought and logic with examples from recent political statements and the media. We think those examples will amuse or frighten you.

Tenzin Gyatso, 14th Dalai Lama was once asked, “What is the most important meditation we can do?” His instant answer without hesitation was:

“Critical thinking followed by action. Discern what your world is;  know the scenario of this human drama, and then figure out where your talents might fit in to make a better world. And each of us must do something that will make your heart sing because no one will want to do it with us if we are not passionate and inspired.”

Read more on our thoughts about Critical Thinking.


 Founders and Their Motivation

A group of Granville County, NC citizens is setting up this web site.  Our motivation was that an increasingly diverse community in Granville County, NC required a social and intellectual group representing reason instead of dogmas much emphasized in old literature of dubious accuracy.

Belief about this need was correct and the organization grew and expanded.

We are currently redesigning our programs, our social structure and meeting possibilities. That is to say we are thinking through the best forum and venues for us to communicate, exchange ideas and hold meetings with the possibility of  on-line member-ship based communication system out of this website. 

We will be looking for people who base their philosophy on the ideas discussed in the “What is Humanism” section of this site or who might want to explore Humanism; you will realize we are open to persons of all races, ethnicity, ages, sexual orientation and any other healthy variations of humankind. 

Meeting times appear in local media of Granville County, NC and on this web site.

Please follow us here as we grow and organize. You will occasionally see guest editorials by some of our members.

Help us free the human mind and improve the human condition.

See our Mission Statement