What Should You Be Looking For When Choosing A Great Video Production Company In Oxford, UK?

Video production in Oxford

Over the years video has proven itself as one of the most effective ways for a company to promote its key messages, build customer loyalty, grow the brand, feed the sales funnel – and ensure that a workforce is motivated to provide of their very best. The importance of video has now grown in the age of social media. It is well known by experts in the area of creating exceptional social media posts that there is a hierarchy to the effectiveness of communications. Third in line is the written word, then images (captions may be involved) and finally at the top of the pile is video.

As human beings, we seem to be keyed to visual images – and video is the most powerful of these mediums. A well-scripted, visually appealing and professionally produced corporate video – with content in line with the company objectives and strategy can be an incredibly powerful tool – for both external and internal communication.

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Oxford Video Production Companies

However, mistakes when developing a great company video can be extremely expensive. Especially as the process can be long and involved. Delays in the release of material can cost a company dearly as far as its reputation is concerned. Thes mistakes can be compounded if the sub-standard product reaches a wider audience through social media. In cases like that the damage to the corporate reputation can be quick and lasting. It can be a PR nightmare – in the event of a social media disaster there’s very one can do except cleverly considered damage control. Once it’s out there – it’s out there.

The reasons are only a few that should give the marketing and communications professional at a company pause before he or she selects a video production company. Here are some considerations to keep in mind prior to making that potentially expensive decision.

Firstly make sure that the video production company can show you examples of similar work that they have done in the past. Forget flashy promo videos on the company website – ask to see real-world examples and have someone senior at the company walk you through the video production process. You will soon get a good impression of how professionally they handle challenges.

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This may be a bit of an intangible – but it as important as any other consideration when choosing your professional video production company in Oxford. Make sure that you connect on a human level with those you will be working closely with. With Video Production in oxford, having a rapport (and a sense of humour) can make the difference between a superior video product – or a frustrating project experience.

These are the professionals who have the experience to deal with the unexpected – and that happens more often than not. It’s also important to have a single point of contact at the video production company you will be dealing with. Given the numbers of moving parts involved in video production (scripting, shooting, pre and post-production, voice-over artists, animators etc) a central point of contact will save your sanity when the going gets tough.

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Some pre-planning will ensure that you find the best Oxford-based video production for your unique needs. Take the time to carefully consider the expenditure and the desired result. Armed with this information (and some great key messages plus a script outline) you will almost always have a positive video production experience.

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